CW Operators' QRP Club Inc.

Nets and Frequencies

Club calling frequencies:

1.815, 3.530, 7.028, 10.106, 14.060, 21.060, 28.060 Mhz

CW Net:
Net controller: Mike VK2IG
Tuesday nights 0930 UTC 3530 kHZ +/- QRM
In Summer (Southern Hemisphere) QSY to 40 Meters if necessary.

Call: CQ QRP Net de VK2IG/QRP
Power: any level

SSB 'Natter Net'
Net controller: Bob McKew VK2AVQ
Thursday nights 0930 UTC Summer and 1030 UTC Winter (Southern Hemiphere)
3645 kHZ +/- QRM
Power: any level
If conditions are poor, we may shift to 7.095 +/- QRM
(Note: change from Friday to Thursday and frequency alteration from 3.615 to 3.645 to take effect Thursday, 05 Jan 12)