CW Operators' QRP Club Inc.

INSIDE LO-KEY #71 September 2001

(Black & white publication - not published on Internet)

  • President's Annual Report for 2001
  • Welcome To New Members
  • Ten Year Club
    Latest additions to our group with at least 10 years continuous membership
  • Sardine Sandwich
    Bill and Freddy strike again
  • Bits n Kits Specials low key 2
    VK5APN now in control
  • Contest Calendar
  • Annual Account Time
  • Net Notes and Awards & Contests
  • Results QRP Day 2001
  • From The Editor's Desk
  • Notes on 'A Simple Antenna Pole'
    Peter ZL2EPD answers some queries
  • Boomerang Circuit Books circulation list
  • Clubtivities
  • Home Brew With Drew
    List of Drew's articles updated
  • Your Own 'Freshly Squeezed' QSL Cards
  • Workshop and Operating Hints and Tips
  • Key Positions The usual Key Position contact details + Useful Information + Application form (n the outside back cover)


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