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To prove that QRP works well with your homebrew rig or wound-down black box, the Club runs QRP Contests on a formal and also informal basis throughout the year. GCG.

We run the QRP Hours contests from time to time with one hour dedicated to CW and digital modes, followed by one hour of SSB.


QRP Hours 40m contest/sprint
23 October 2016

The results are out, they can be viewed HERE
(updated 12 Dec 16)

Run along the same lines as the 80m event earlier in the year, this will be on 40m and again, one hour on CW followed by one hour on SSB.  

The proposed time is 0500 UTC for CW/PSK, 0600 UTC for SSB.  

And this time - one division for home stations and another for portables on battery power. 

Detailed rules can now viewed HERE

This is an experimental event - timing might not suit everyone - let's see how it goes.


(updated 05 Oct 2016)


CW Operators' QRP Club yearly contest:

The QRP Hours Contest 2016, the aim of the contest is to make as many contact in a one-hour period using your choice of mode. Again, open to all Amateur Radio Operators.

The results of past QRP Hours contests can be retrieved here in PDF format.

QRP Hours Contest Results 2011
QRP Hours Contest Results 2012
QRP Hours Contest Results 2013
QRP Hours Contest Results 2014
QRP Hours Contest Results 2015
QRP Hours Contest Results 2016

Certificates are awarded and issued to winning stations in the above contest. Results are published in the next issue of Lo-Key and on this website.

We also encourage members to participate in and enjoy the wide range of on-air contests available worldwide.

Information about other contests for QRPers may be found at:



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