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Morse Code Practice Sessions

Provided on this page are morse code practice MP3 files, links to other sites which provide morse code lessons and various other forms of information on develpoing and improving our mose code skills.

If you know of other good CW sites, let me know so I can share it with others.

Morse Code Practice Beacon - VK2WI runs a continuous CW practice beacon on 3699 kHz. Details can be found at http://www.arnsw.org.au/html/page_morse.htm  The beacon transmits text using Farnsworth spacing; and cycles continuously through 5 wpm, 8 wpm, 10 wpm, 12 wpm and 15 wpm character speeds.

Morse Code Practice sites:

Here are a few CW practice files which you may like to copy:

General information on good CW:

  • WB8FSV - A biginners guide to making CW contacts.


This is just one of the many Home-Brew kits available from the Four State QRP Group

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