CW Operators' QRP Club Inc.


Sponsored by the CW Operators' QRP Club Inc. (COQC), the aim of the QRP Hours Contest is to make as many contacts as possible within a one-hour period using your choice of mode. While it is hoped that the event will be strongly supported by COQC members, it is open to all licensed amateur radio operators. Portable operators are especially encouraged to join in.

Date / Time:

Saturday, 9th April 2016 / 1000-1159 UTC.

Frequency Band:

80m - see Frequency / Mode Table below.


Single Operator.


CW or PSK31 or RTTY / SSB - see Frequency / Mode Table below.


Preferably 5 Watts, but not more than 10 Watts average (CW / PSK31 / RTTY) or PEP (SSB) at the transmitter output – this is to stress the QRP nature of the event. Stations running higher power are welcome to join in but will not receive QRP awards, obviously.


A three-digit serial number starting at 001 in each hour and incrementing by one for each new contact during that hour. Reports are not required in your submitted log.

Repeat Contacts:

No repeats - only one contact per mode per hour.

The contest is divided into two (2) one-hour periods.  Modes and frequency sub-bands are allocated to each hour as shown in the table below.

The contest times are defined in UTC.


Frequency / Mode Table


Time (UTC)


Frequency (MHz)

First Hour


CW or PSK31 or RTTY

3.500-3.535 (CW)

3.620-3.630 (PSK31 / RTTY)

Second Hour





  • Score one (1) point per contact regardless of mode.
  • No multipliers apply.
  • QRP stations can count contacts with QRO stations towards their final score.


  • Logs must show full details for each QSO, viz. time (UTC), mode, station worked, exchange serial sent, and exchange serial received (in that order please).
  • A Summary Sheet showing operator's callsign, name, address and total points claimed must accompany the Log.
  • The preferred method of lodging the log is email, but entrants must still include their postal address as per the Summary Sheet.
  • Send Logs and Summary Sheet to the (temporary) Contest Manager, Andrew Davis, VK2UH - email: Contests [at] vkqrpclub dot org or snail mail: PO Box 882, Yass, NSW, 2582. (that address is redirected to Andrew's email this year)
  • Emailed logs must be dated no later than 2359 AEST on Monday, 25th April, 2016; snail mailed logs must be postmarked no later than Monday, 25th April, 2016.
  • QRO stations (not meeting QRP power definition): your logs are welcome too! Thanks for making the event busier with your contacts. QRO to QRO contacts do not count in this event! (Try QRP and be surprised!)
  • Feel free to include information about your station and band conditions, and add comments on what you liked, what you'd like to see included or improved, etc.
  • This year we would like to know whether you would support a second QRP Hours contest later in the year and your preferred band if that was run.


Certificates will be awarded to the highest QRP scorers in each mode in each VK State or Territory and ZL. QRO logs will be listed in the contest summary published in LoKey and on this website.

Below is a 'Sample Certificate' for 2012 QRP Hours Contest.
Certificate design is altered each year making it unique.

qrp contest

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