CW Operators' QRP Club Inc.

Introducing the Club's Callsign: VK5WAT

The Club has obtained an official callsign for use to promote the Club and QRP operation. The callsign is available for use by all current members, subject to the following rules:

1.   Permission to use the VK5WAT callsign must be obtained in advance from the Club Secretary,

2.   Please create a log of all contacts using the VK5WAT Callsign and send to the Club Secretary,

3.   This callsign is a club call and must be operated in accordance with the qualifications held by the operator of the station,

4.   The licencee of a club station shall keep a log in which must be entered:

           a.  The location used for the transmission; (QTH of the operator);

           b.  The chronological record of all transmissions;

           c.  The frequency and type of emission used;

           d.  The station(s) communicated with; and

           e.   The name and callsign of the qualified person operating the station.

5.   Generally the Club callsign VK5WAT should be operated at 5 watts or under in keeping with QRP practices.

The Club Secretary can be contacted at:

Kevin Zietz VK5AKZ
PO Box 1018,
Pasadena SA 5042

Email: secretary@vkqrpclub.org